Industry and Practice

TEL industries were invited to submit a proposal to pitch their ideas to the EC-TEL community at the EC-TEL 2018 conference. Three exciting proposals were accepted and each of these will be presented as a short industry pitchon the morning of Thursday 6th September, followed by aninteractive engagementin the afternoon. The three chosenindustry pitches are shown below.

This year EC-TEL also invited practitioners to submit practitioner papers that would address the application, commercial aspects or practical challenges in innovating education through technology. Practitioner papers are based on a practical use of technology in a learning environment with an expected pedagogical value. The practitioner papers will be presented throughout the conference alongside research papers. They are  identified as short or full practitioner papers in the conference programme. They have their own CEUR open access proceedings, which is now online and open to all


Industry Pitches & Interactive Engagement

Ray Hassell (Sonic Foundry)

Beyond the Tech – How Video Drives Success on Campus

Abstract: From lecture capture to micro learning, video is fast becoming a strategic asset on campus. As video creates new dynamics in education, we will explore proven recipes for success and highlight potential pitfalls that impede adoption. Hint: it’s not always about the tech.

Engagement: Prior to attending this flipped session, attendees will watch a short video created by Ray about the value of having a strong video culture on campus. They’ll interact with the video by adding comments and answering questions. Ray will discuss the video with attendees during the session.

Speaker: Ray Hassell is vice president international for Sonic Foundry, the maker of Mediasite. For more than 20 years, Ray’s core focus has been to introduce the power of video to new markets across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. He has helped some of the world’s largest universities and corporations define and deploy their video and distance learning strategies, dramatically enhancing their online learning and educational technology programs.


Lucia Pannese (imaginary)

Discovering Knowledge - From Treasure Hunt to Simulation and back

Abstract: Science can be abstract and medical procedures complex, so knowledge and competences might be difficult to retain. Let’s explore ways to overcome this difficulty with different kinds of game based learning experiences.

Engagement: Before attending the session you are invited to play a short treasure hunt learning experience (link will be active during the conference) around the conference venue, as well as to watch the video of the Neonatal Resuscitation Game and the video of the MyHappy PAT game. During the interactive session we will exchange feedback and discuss the potential of a game based learning approach.

Speaker: Lucia Pannese, CEO of imaginary, has been involved into games for training and health for over 14 years. With numerous publications and research activities she has contributed to shaping EU research in this field and is introducing games for health into the global market.


Helen Fuller (FutureLearn)

Skills - the 4th Pillar to the FutureLearn Pedagogy

Abstract: In this highly interactive session, Helen Fuller, Healthcare Lead at FutureLearn, will walk you through the FutureLearn online social learning platform, enabling you to appreciate the benefits of social learning and how it can impact your professional growth in a changing healthcare environment.

Engagement: Before attending this session, delegates should sign up to Introduction to Psychology: Developmental Psychology on FutureLearn. In the comments in Step 1.1 learners introduce themselves. Find one fellow learner who is in a very different situation to your, from another country and who’s comments you think you’d value. Complete the first 5 steps (to step 1.5) and ideally comment. During the interactive session, delegates will be asked to share their experiences and Helen will facilitate a discussion around people's key findings and thoughts.

Speaker Helen Fuller is Global Healthcare Lead at FutureLearn, responsible for the development of the healthcare portfolio. Her role is to work with existing and prospective partners to help them address their digital transformation challenges, and deliver real value to professional learners. Increasingly, Helen works with NHS bodies, aligning FutureLearn’s offering of online, social learning at a massive scale, to critical capability gaps. Prior to joining FutureLearn, Helen belonged to a senior global team responsible for the development of commercial capabilities in a leading pharmaceutical company. After moving into pharma from teaching, Helen held a number of different roles including management, training and professional relations. Helen holds a Bachelor of Education (Hons) degree, and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Professional Development.

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