Demos & Posters

Demo Shootout

EC-TEL 2018 will be running another exciting and engaging Demo Shootout session, at which the demo presenters will pitch their TEL tools and participants will have the opportunity to invest in their favourite tools/services. 

ePoster BarCamp

EC-TEL 2018 is also using a new and highly interactive approach to the poster sessions. All poster authors will produce ePosters which will be presented and discussed in the ePoster BarCamp. You can explore and interact with all the ePosters on the EC-TEL 2018 ePoster Showcase.

The ePoster BarCamp builds on the BarCamp and World Café formats and enhances these through the use of technology. The format aims to encourage and support discussion, the making of links between different authors' work and shared knowledge development. The session adopts a participatory format during which conference participants will have the opportunity to find out more about the work of the ePoster authors, discuss the issues / themes that arise from their work and leave with their favourite ePosters in their pocket, on their smart phone / tablet.

Host Organisation

University of Leeds

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DIPF Bildungsforschung und BildungsinformationGoethe Universität Frankfurt am MainHTW ChurImaginaryKnow Center TU GrazOpen UniversiteitPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileRayComTU Grazhttc e.V.


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